Our Psychology degrees are committed to exploring and understanding how personal, 心理, 社会, environmental conditions influence action and thought. 宝盈bbin官方网站开发了一种 课程 that combines hands-on classroom instruction with on-campus 研究经历实习机会 in the greater Portland area that prepare you 为 a broad range of career options in the field of psychology.

We have structured our programs to expose you to core concepts and skills related to psychology, while also enabling you to identify and focus your studies on a 具体的学科,如心理健康, 教育和心理学, 心理学和业务, 和普通心理学.

Our undergraduate programs cover a range of topics in psychology, designed to match the many dynamic career opportunities this growing area offers. 根据劳工统计局的数据, a 19% job growth is predicted 为 psychology-related careers through 2024 with even greater increases in job opportunities in the mental health sector. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in counseling, 教育, 研究, 业务, 法律, or some combination — our degrees offer the experience, 研究, 实习机会 you need to become a leader in the field. 访问宝盈bbin官方网站的博客 阅读课堂经验, 实习, 活动, accomplishments of our Psychology students and faculty.

You can't top the biology labs and the classes that are offered at UNE.
Biological 科学s, Mental 健康 Rehabilitation

为什么选UNE 为 Psychology

体验两个世界最好的一面. As part of a university nationally ranked as having “High 研究 Activity,” (Carnegie, 2019), we provide access to all the resources you would expect from a large 研究 institution — but at UNE, 你从来不只是一个数字. Our Psychology majors benefit from close working relationships with faculty and one-on-one 研究 mentoring.



用你从课程中获得的知识, the critical thinking skills you develop through 研究, the life skills you acquire from 实习 and close working relationships with faculty and peers, you will be well on your way to an exciting future in psychology.

Our graduates have pursued many fascinating careers, including:

  • 治疗师/心理健康辅导员
  • 行为分析
  • 研究员
  • 市场营销/广告专家
  • 人力资源专家
  • 老师
  • 社会工作者
  • Counselor (school, life skills, family, career, substance abuse, grief)


Whether you have a specific career goal in mind or a vague idea of the field that interests you, 职业建议 是来帮你计划下一步的吗.


毕业生的就业 or 进入研究生院 毕业后一年内



在缅因州 找工作

(Zippia, 2021)


One of the most important considerations when committing to a college or university is cost. We work with you and your family to help make your 教育 af为dable by pricing our tuition competitively and offering financial assistance.



实习 provide critical training and work experience. They help you explore career options and often lead to jobs after graduation.

作为一个心理学学位的学生, you complete at least one internship during the junior or senior years. Working in conjunction with your faculty advisor and the psychology 实习 coordinator, 你确定了一个网站, 再看理论, 实践, knowledge you’ve gained in the classroom out into applied settings.

We have a well-developed network of sites that have accepted our students into their organizations and work to match you to an experience that fits your interests.


  • Sweetser危机稳定小组
  • 悲伤儿童中心
  • 没有更多的暴力
  • York County Council 为 the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Loranger中学

Learn more about psychology internship sites >


(207) 602-2865


The field of psychology is broad and diverse we are 为tunate to have faculty members with expertise in a variety of areas including human development (across the lifespan); 临床/咨询; cognitive, 神经科学, 与社会心理学. At UNE we touch upon all facets of psychology with special focuses in behavioral 神经科学, 临床/咨询, 记忆与认知, 阿片类药物药理学, 与社会心理学.

Learn more about our psychology 研究 labs >



The following are just some examples of the exciting courses that our B.A. 在心理学提供了:

  • 社会心理学
  • 发展心理学
  • 变态心理学
  • 人格理论
  • 记忆与认知
  • 行为的生物学基础
  • 心理咨询理论与实践
  • 倾听与沟通技巧

If you are interested in pursuing graduate 教育 after you complete your psychology degree (e.g.Ph值,.D. 临床心理学, 社会工作硕士, 或医学院), our faculty will assist you in pursuing your chosen path. Many students come to UNE with such goals and are admitted to graduate study.

要了解有关该程序的更多信息,请参见 课程 或访问 目录.


We offer qualified students the option of participating in our Honors Program and graduating with Honors. 这包括重要的研究, 奖学金, or creative activity under the direction of a faculty member. You should consult with your major advisor or academic director 为 specific criteria and requirements.





Study Psychology on the other side of the world by taking part in our 全球教育项目.

How does culture affect people’s thoughts, feelings, actions? 通过出国留学来找到第一手资料. 在…上一学期 冰岛西班牙法国,或者在UNE的全球校区 摩洛哥. 或者,从几个中选择 较短的旅行课程 that will take you to Mexico, Kenya, Cuba, Ireland, Italy, or many other exciting locations.

对出国留学感兴趣? 和你的导师一起制定计划.


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